BSNL Penta Smartphone

BSNL Penta smartphone

Market is warming up again and there is a buzz “what’s next from BSNL???” and how hard this “next “is going to hit the market statistics? Yes…you are right. BSNL is walking the red carpet again. Do you remember the last time it walked? It was when; it launched its tablet and acclaimed recorded 1 lakh bookings in first 3 days. So what’s the next milestone in BSNL’s journey of success??? [Read more...]

BSNL Phone Champion Specifications

BSNL Smartphone Champion

In one of its revolutionizing steps that can revolutionize the Indian telecom market  as India’s very own BSNLl launched its BSNL champion smart phone in collaboration with India based smartphone makers champion.This is a great step from BSNL which is continuously trying to revive its fortune.

The new series will come under the catchy name: BSNL Champion. These Smartphones will soon hit the market as revealed on the official website  and are expected to pick not only great numbers in terms of pre bookings and sales but also great words of  appreciation on fabulous Smartphone experience. So big players, watch out. BSNL has rolled it sleeves.

The BSNL champion trendy 531 boosts of a 5.3 inches screen and is fuelled by 1.2Ghz quad core processor which provides the user with amazing faster speed.It runs on Android’s 4.2 platform and has a powerful battery of 3200mAh which gives it a very good battery backup. Also in a promotional offer BSNL is giving 500mb of data every month for every cellphone buyer. [Read more...]

BSNL PentaBharat PF300: Bharat Phone for a common man

Another result of the grandiose collaboration is a phone called BSNL PentaBharat PF300 or Bharat phone in low end segment. The collaboration between state-owned BSNL and Noida –based Pantel Technologies has served the Indian tablet market meticulously and has accorded various gadgets to different segment of mobile and smart computing. This ultra-slim feature phone addresses the semi-urban and rural people that define common Indian.

bharat phone [Read more...]

Android Smartphone Named after NAMO

smart namo smartphone

Politics and Smartphone. What possible connection they can have??? I mean…they are like apples and oranges. But this is the thing that is special about 2014 election. This election will not only take place in cities, towns and metros, but on facebook, twitter and numerous social media platform as well. It has “Youth” in its every agenda, every phase and every win or defeat. Did I just sound like a youth neta??? No offence…I didn’t mean to. But this is what I see these days in newspaper. And obviously, what can be the best way to hit the young generation other than smart technology!!! [Read more...]

FAQ about BSNL Phones

bsnl mobile package

We have listed below few of the common Frequently asked question about the BSNL Android Phones.

1)  How many BSNL phone  are there : Two one is launched with Champion India company and other to be launched with Pental corporation. Earlier in collaboration with Pantel, BNSL penta tablets  has been released that tablet was a huge success in the market .

2)  Is the BSNL smartphone running on Android : Yes, both the smartphone will be supported by latest Android version. [Read more...]

BSNL Phone Images

Check out the BSNL Smartphone Champion Trendy images in the slideshow below.


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